Bui Giordano was founded in 1965 selling the honeycomb cardboard produced by Cartiere di Verona, whose patent is then sold to Mr. Giordano Bui, in accordance with the Commendatore Seminari, president of the Cartiere themselves.

Since then the company started manufacturing the honeycomb, first in blocks, then in slabs, to facilitate the carpenters’ work; practicality and good prices make it increasingly required for the production of sandwich panels.


Later, with the introduction of steam presses, it becomes possible to provide calibrated slabs in various thicknesses. Over the years the company expanded its activities also starting to produce corrugated paper packaging and offering their products in a fireproof version. In 1998 the introduction of Giordano’s sons, Angelo and Daniele, in the management of the company (hence the new name “Giordano Bui snc di A. e D.”) brings many new features, the latest of which, presented at Viscom 2011, is the Honeycomb, which is the completely environment-friendly panel used in the fields of interior design and advertising.

In 2011, Alice Brusadelli joined the company, bringing the vision of the third and youngest generation of the family.


Today, Bui Giordano snc has advanced and state-of-the-art equipment, with fully automated lines capable of producing material of high technical quality certified by studies of the Politecnico di Milano.